Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bouncer Accessories

When we busted out the bouncer when Julian came home as a "place to stash the baby", we took off the toy bar. It just seemed so huge compared to our tiny little baby. But lately he is so much more interactive and seems so much bigger! Pete remembered that we had it and got it out this morning. Between the waterfall all it's flashy lights, and the toys he can hit and kick, and the monkey and frog that move back and forth- it was a huge success!

Not to mention the added bonus of the ceiling fan, whom we've dubbed "his friend Mr. Fan". This kid could stare at a stationary fan for ages, turn it on and it's even better! Oh yea, and that cute little outfit he's wearing? Already to small - short at the wrists and ankles. This boy is getting huge. We're already having to cycle out the smallest newborn clothes!

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Nicky said...

these are super cute