Saturday, March 8, 2008

Letter to my 4 Month Old

Dear Julian,

I'm running a bit behind this month as you had your 4 month birthday while we were visiting friends in Indiana. This was a really busy trip and long enough that we had some great quality time with our friends. We asked Kenny to be your Godfather, and Stefanie to be your Godmother. Both your Papa and I got tattoos in your honor: him a Dia de Los Muertos skull on his chest, and I your name in script on my wrist. I love that every time I look down I am reminded of you, that your Papa and I share something in your honor, and that it will be a constant reminder of how special you are to me. It was great fun to take you back to introduce to all the special people that threw your baby shower, and have you spend some time with your *cousin* Jackson who is 5 months older than you. He loved to reach out and pat your head or your hand, or grab a foot to hold onto - though bath time was less of a success - you were definitely in his territory! We were sad to leave, but so happy to have such awesome people in our lives to share you with.

Once back we went in for your 4 month check up. You weighed in at a whopping 18lbs 9oz! Keeping you in nearly the 100th percentile. You also had some shots, but like last time you were unaffected except for sleeping longer. You've grown several inches, which explains why none of your sleepers are fitting, and how you mostly wear 9 month clothing! The doctor assured us you were as fit as a fiddle, a little bigger than most, but completely normal. I love how squishy and round you are, and how your legs and arms are roll after roll of chunkiness. And your cheeks, my are they big! Your eyes have stayed a beautiful shade of blue, they are nearly identical to your Auntie Lily and your Papa's. And there still isn't much hair on your head to speak of - a little wispy on top, but that's about it.

Every day you become more fun and engaging. The world around you has become more interesting and exciting, and something worthy of your inquisitiveness. You recognize my face from across the room, and never disappoint me with a big cheesy grin. And when Papa talks to you when he gets home from work, your head swivels to find him. You love to chew on toys now, this is something new, but you are incredibly frustrated that you can't manipulate toys just the way you would like to get them in your mouth. You're reaching out and grabbing toys from the play gym we borrowed from Stef, it was such a big hit while we were there, and you love soft squishy things to gum - especially the cloth burp rags. We also exchanged out Swing for an Exersaucer, and you're starting to explore what it's like to stand in there and look around and touch the toys. I figured this would be a big hit since your new obsession is being held up to stand. You get stiff as a board whenever whoever is holding you trys to sit you down, insisting that they keep you upright. And we're starting to practice sitting, though you mostly just tumble over, it's hard to hold your head up and play with toys at the same time!

We got out of the house a lot more this month, which has been great for my morale. We still go to the LLL and babywearing meetings, and have added in some Babygarten hours at the library. The biggest new thing are our new mom/baby friends. We get out walking several times a week with them, get together to talk baby carriers and sleep, and hope to soon be getting together for baby playtime. This has been a real respite for me from the inside of our house, and it's been fun to watch you check out all the other babies and explore the world (or nap!) on our walks. You love to be worn in the new Inka, and that makes me really happy. It is so easy to take you to the store, or to dinner, and you seem to recognize what's going on when I start to put it on because you get very calm and happy when I start to tie you in.

Everyday you seem less and less like that tiny baby we brought home from the hospital. You have tons more personality - shrieking and yelling to let your opinions and happiness show, and smiling at all the new people you meet. I can't even remember what life was like before you came, nothing seems as fun or exciting or fulfilling as having you here. I love being your mama, I love snuggling you and kissing your cheeks, I love showing you new places and books and toys and watching you explore and learn about the world around you. I love to sit back and watch you interact with your Papa who has so many fun games and silly dances to show you, and my most favorite time of day hasn't changed, it is watching him snuggle with you under the covers in the morning. You two are so alike, in looks and personality, I know you are going to be great friends.

Here's to another great month hanging out with you!

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