Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bullet Points

Since it's been ages since an update I'm going to bullet point all of the biggies and hope I can cover everything.  I'll do my best to be organized about it!  Mostly this is so I have a record of new things Jules has been doing in the last 3 months.

Words, Phrases and Signs
pees (please), mo (more), dump truck, semi truck, trash truck, pee pee, poop, thank you, deep (dip), water, milk, noodles, cheese, apple, car, bath, bubbles, doggy, giraffe, moo, woof, flower, pool, ride, stroller, momo (motorcycle), toast, mama, papa, ry ry, laura, lili, stella, james, julian, nico, snack, choo choo, eat, toes, eye, shoe, diaper, strawberry, blueberry, airplane, lawn mower, trash, cheep cheep (bird), nana, library, ball, medicine, pillow, blanket

i did it, no more, luv you, all done

please, thank you, more, all done, airplane, bird, drink, eat

Motor Skills and Activities
- throws with accuracy and distance, makes baskets in his basketball hoop
- eats using both fork and spoon appropriately
- can sort shapes with his shape sorter
- makes towers with blocks 3-4 items high
- jumps and gets both feet off the ground at the same time
- can drink from an open cup with supervision
- sleeps in a big boy bed
- tries to put shoes on his feet
- climbs into chairs with books to read 
- is obsessed with rakes, shovels, vacuums, mops, and brooms
- dances wildly to music
- loves to ride on my back in the mei tei
- loves a bubble bath
- runs naked through the yard while we are working outside
- loves water, sprinklers, pools, the ocean
- isn't afraid of anything it seems, slightly wild and crazy like his papa
- gives tons of hugs and kisses when he's in the mood, to us and his friends and their mama's
- gets great joy from vanilla ice cream cones and frozen yogurt covered in fruit and sprinkles
- follows simple, one step, direction (putting something in the trash, taking something to papa)
- initiates peek-a-boo
- is a huge comedian, often doing anything he can to get a laugh
- is especially ticklish in his arm pits
- is in a huge papa phase, he is often glued to Pete's leg when he is home - following him everywhere, mimicking everything he does (including needing his turn with the Perfect Pushups)

He's slimmed down quite a bit in these last few months, and spends the majority of his days outside on the porch, in the yard or at the park/zoo/botanical gardens.  He loves to be naked and dirty and I don't mind letting him be so.  Some people think I'm crazy, but what is more fun then sitting naked in a giant mud puddle!

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