Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Official, Jules is a TV Star

I got a call yesterday asking if Channel 3 news could use Jules for one of their stories, only requirements:  adorableness.  

Juliet Bickford, and her cameraman Mike, showed up this morning to get shots of her putting him in the crib, drinking from a BPA-free bottle, and just cheesing for the camera with Juliet.  All in all he did well, there was a bit of fussing after being put in the crib 6 or so times, but I busted out some Joes O's, and they were able to get some more shots.  

The teasers should air throughout the day on Thursday and Friday leading up to Juliet's stories about buying bottles and cribs using Consumer Reports so keep an eye out!

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Natalie said...

Fantastic!!!! Of course i won't be able to watch because of work but I'l definitely want to try to check it out. Your blog is amazing...Every time I read it makes me say need to write a book!!! Glad to see you guys are doing most excellent and I hope to bump into to you soon.