Friday, August 1, 2008

Letter to My 9 Month Old

Dear Julian,

Month 8 has been so full of exciting new skills, adventures, and fun that I had to start keeping a list just to keep up with you!  It's been a huge month developmentally and you are fast becoming a toddler before our very eyes.

One of the most surprising new skills is all the pointing you've been doing.  At pictures in books, our faces, into the air, at the food on your highchair tray - you're jabbing your pointer at everything.  You also surprised me with your step crawling ability.  We don't have steps in the apartment so I figured it would be awhile before I would have to worry about them, but when I took you to work with me a few weeks ago I found you half way to the second floor mere minutes after we walked in the door.  Somehow you knew just how to make your ascent with no help from me!  

We've also seen more hands and knees crawling - especially if your trying to go over toys, other babies, through the grass or at the beach.  You still prefer the commando style crawl for speed, but more and more I catch you trying to figure out how to make way across the apartment with your belly off the ground.  Pulling up is now a mastered art, as is sitting down once you get up.  It may be an ungraceful plop onto your booty most of the time, but you can get down now.  We've also seen cruising around the ottoman, the couch, and around the crib rails.  You are still pretty unsteady, but you're slowly getting the hang of it.  Now you take advantage of your ability to get where you want by crawling over to us and pulling up on our pants or legs to let us know you'd like to be held or need to nurse.  It is so cool to watch you take charge over your world more and more every day.

Your pincher grasp gets better and better everyday, and it really pleases you to be able to feed yourself.  So much so that you refuse almost completely any food coming from a spoon!  It has to be in chunks you can get your own hands on - and you have no trouble downing huge meals that way if the mood strikes you.  And the 3! additional teeth you got this month are definitely helping you eat more efficiently.  

Your Papa and I get at least a hundred kisses a day now.  You start every morning crawling over our heads planting sloppy wet ones on our faces.  And anytime I ask for kisses you are quite obliging.  It has to be the cutest thing I've ever experienced.  Well that and your waves!  You love to wave bye-bye to Papa when he goes to work, and you love to wave to your baby friends, and your Aunties.  Basically you will wave to anything and it's awesome!  It's so much fun to know that we are communicating with you, and you're really getting it and communicating back to us.  High fives are also a big source of fun, be them single or doubles, you'll dole them out excitedly any time.

Separation anxiety started setting in towards the end of the month, but it's not been too bad so far.  It mostly consists of people saying hello to you, and you reacting by burying your head in my shoulder to hide before peeking back out at them. Or if I leave the room, and you can't see me anymore you get upset.  I know soon you will understand that just because I've left the room doesn't mean I've really disappeared, and for now I'll enjoy the extra snuggles.  

You've been babbling more and more lately, but there are still no discernible "words" or sounds.  You've got a full head of fuzzy hair.  It's white-blond and nearly see through, but you definitely have more of it now.  The bedhead after naps is quite cute, it stands up all over the place and paired with your sleepy eyes it melts my heart.  When you see the camera pointed in your direction we get this new squinty grin that's super cheesy, so you've definitely identified that the attention is coming your way and it makes for some hilarious pictures of you.  If you aren't making silly faces, you're chasing me down to try and get your hands on the lens or buttons - it's making for some difficult picture taking lately so I've had to be sneaky.

As we head into August I'm looking forward to more adventures with you, and learning more about your personality as it emerges.  We're using a lot of sign language to foster better communication with you as you get older, and I hope that it will help us meet your needs to the best of our abilities.  It's been a really fun month baby boy, and I love you so much!  You make every day an awesome day and I'm trying to soak up every moment of you as my not so little baby.

Love you bunches,

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Mandie said...

Happy 9 months to Jules!!! Beautiful letter.