Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Burnin' Time

This is how Jules spent at least a good hour yesterday:

Yes, my boy spent the day trapping himself inside a chair.  Our dining chairs are feather light and he's been pulling them over for as long as he's been crawling.    Now he's figured out how to crawl into them and use them as a walker, but he doesn't know how to get out yet.  He's a weird kid.

Something else new, Jules got a jogging stroller from his bud Ryan for his birthday.  It rocks! Now Papa can take him along with him when he runs.  It's getting colder now, but I stick the BundleMe in it with a extra blanket and that helps keep him warm.  I need to get the toddler size so it comes up farther on his torso.  

He'd refused to nap the day they used it for the first time, and it was nearly dinner time by the time they left.  He was cranky and the best way to deal with that is to get him out of the house. When they got back Pete buzzed up and told me to bring the camera down.  This is how I found him:

Man, I love that kid.

Oh yea, I almost forgot!  Channel 3 came by the house again yesterday.  Juliet Bickford was super sweet, and I think Jules had a fun time playing ball with her.  This time they wanted to talk to me about free formula and diapers given to new parents.  It was cool, I got to tell them about how we cloth diaper and breastfeed,  and how it's a great way to save money - especially in this economy.  I don't know what they'll use, but it's on tonight at 11.  Hopefully I'll get to see Julian's cute face on there.  

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