Monday, December 1, 2008

Letter to My 13 Month Old


Wow, this last month has been intense. A lot has been going on. All three of us have been occupied with a packed schedule and you have been busy with a huge developmental burst. These last few weeks have been rough. You are cutting several molars but we didn't know until they were breaking through the gums. Since you hate to let us brush your teeth, let alone look in your mouth there was no way to know. You've been terribly uncomfortable but a little ibuprofen goes a long way with helping you sleep and get some rest. The molars haven't kept you down though, you're still as wild and crazy during your waking hours as ever. Everyday you have something new to show us or way to make us laugh. You are a joyful little guy, and you want so badly to be bigger. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Here's where you're at now:

Vocab: Baby, puppy, Papa, slipper, diaper, bite, baba (water), bye-bye, ball, Mama (mostly when you're very upset about something), Na-na's, bath, bunnies (a cheese cracker snack), a-Boo (peek-a-boo), zebra, football, bushes, ba-Boom!, penguin, balloon, book

Signs: More, Milk, Eat, Bye-Bye

Animal Sounds: Puppy, Dog, Monkey, Snake

New Skills:

Walking - You took your first solo step tonight!!!! Lately I have been having you walk more from room to room or activity to activity using my hands to steady yourself. Once you mastered that you started to let me just give you one hand. After your bath tonight I pulled you out the tub and stood you in front of me so that I could dry you off, letting you lean on me for support. I let go of you and the towel as I finished, and you kept holding on to the towel, thinking I was still holding it. You stood for a bit, then you started testing your toes to try and lift your foot, and next thing I knew you stepped forward all on your own! I'm so excited, you are going to love being able to walk, and I can't wait for that for you.

Climbing - You have figured out how to pull your self up into the desk chair. When it's pushed in you just climb underneath the desk and push it out. From there you try to climb onto the desk or play with whatever has been left out.

Had a birthday.
Selected this years Christmas tree.
Ate first Thanksgiving meal.
Had a yearly photo session.
Got a haircut.

It is so exciting to be able to communicate more with you. Just today you started signing milk like crazy, and you've been using "more" and "eat" consistently for at least two weeks. Next up: baby, down, up, hungry, and help. These are all words you say or try to say all the time. Hopefully the repetition will help you learn them quickly and continue to add to your sign library.

I still can't believe you are 1, but it's kind of cool. You're one of the big kids now. No more tiny baby here. We're looking forward to showing you all about Christmas, Yule, winter, New Years, ice skating, Christmas trees and carols, twinkling lights in the coming month. Many a family tradition will be started this year now that you can participate.


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