Saturday, December 13, 2008


We found a new park in the area recently and it's added a whole lot of fun to our days.  We try to meet up with James, Ryan, or Canaan after lunch but before afternoon naps on days with good weather.  Its a really nice, new, clean, safe, and enclosed play space for little kids attached to a church just a few blocks away.  It's open to the public and perfect for our little guys.  Jules climbs all over it, down the slides face first, over the bouncing bridge wiggling to be bounced by an adult, through the tunnels and ALL OVER the mulch!  He is not easily contained these days, and is frustrated that he can't walk, but that doesn't stop him from getting down on the ground and racing around anyways.  All of his shoes are worn off on the tops from scraping on pavement and through the dirt and mulch.  They also have the safe baby buckets that are enclosed all the way around for little kids to swing in too.  I love this because the park that is closer to us doesn't have them and I felt like he was missing out on some quintessential childhood fun.

We've had some unseasonably warm weather recently, up in the 60s and 70s, warranting opening all of our windows and spending lots of time outdoors.  The late half of the week we were forced inside by the rain, but hopefully we will get back out there this week.  He burns off at ton of energy at the park so he always takes a good nap afterwards, definitely an added bonus.  And on days when Papa leaves for work at 1:45 we all head over together for some added excitement.  

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