Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Plans

We're sticking close to home this year for the holidays, and so far we're off to a good start.  The tree has been up and decorated since the Friday after Thanksgiving, the lights are hung, and packages have been piling up under the tree for weeks now.  So far all I have left to do is pick up a few things at the grocery tomorrow to make Peppermint Marshmallows and Chai Snickerdoodles.  Other than that I've got a menu planned, and half prepared, ready for Thursday night.

Pete has to work tomorrow until 3, but after that we have him home all the way through Monday so that is going to be really nice.  We went walking through the neighborhood with Jules tied up in a wrap in a front carry and went around to all the houses with the biggest and best lights.  He is obsessed with bushes and lights lately so his two favorite things together nearly blew his mind.  Plus some people really go all out around here, so it's well worth hoofing it around.  So far we've already watched a Muppet movie, and some Sesame Street Christmas.  Tonight we stopped by and picked up some Gumby, more Sesame Street, and another Muppet movie to watch over the next few days with Jules.  It's the only TV he's been allowed to watch so far, and I figure as long as we keep it restricted to the holiday it can't be too bad.  Tomorrow night Pete and I have plans to eat pizza from Trader Joe's and watch White Christmas (the MOST important yearly tradition to me), while drinking hot cocoa with my homemade marshmallows - yum!  

Then Xmas is going to be a quiet day here at home, just the three of us. Starbucks is open so I'm hoping for a mid-morning walk with the puppy to pick up a Mocha, and I'm sure Pete is going to want some doughnuts for breakfast, plus there will be presents to open and time to spend hanging out.  I'm hoping to make a few ornaments with some materials I have around, and I'll probably spend a bit of time indulging in my newest obsession, Puzzles.  I LOVE puzzles.  I know it makes me sound like an 80 year old woman, but seriously, I love them!  Stefanie sent me the most awesome present, an Impossible Puzzle.  So far I've steered clear of them because of their difficulty level, but I'm glad to now have the push to give it a whirl.  So if you have any puzzles sitting around collecting dust, you can always send them my way.

Beyond Christmas day we don't have many plans, we picked up a few movies (Prince Caspian, A Very British Gangster, and Counterfeiters) and we're hoping to stay cozy and spend some quality time together. Claire and Tessa will be arriving shortly before the new year, and will be here for a week.  That's when things get really hectic!  We're going to go ice skating (hopefully Jules will get to try it out with a walker!), drive through the light display at the botanical gardens, hit up Ti'juana Flats for food, maybe drive up to Williamsburg, cook a big Italian feast for the Christmas celebration with them and exchange gifts again.

I'm really looking forward most to Pete's leave over the new year.  We haven't had that much time together since the leave he took last year when Julian was born.  It will be nice to have him home for whole days at a time for a change, and I know Julian is going to love all the time with his Papa.

I'm not sure when I will update next, but I promise to take a bunch of pictures of the little guy over the holiday and update soon.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Mandie said...

Sounds lovely!

Hope you had a merry Christmas! Enjoy time with your adorable family!