Wednesday, October 24, 2007

37 weeks and 6 days Today

Yesterday Pete and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. It already seems like forever, time has been flying, and now we're adding to our family. It's pretty cool all the things that this past year have brought us. We didn't end up doing anything very exciting to mark the day - had a doctors appointment where we found out my cervix is making a wee bit of progress but otherwise things are still the same. Then we went home to have a nice meal together and watched a silly movie we rented. Nice and laid back, since I'm not as up for going out as I was before I got ginormous!

I got my Moshi in the mail today! It's an awesome handmade baby carrier that is adjustable so that both Pete and I will be able to use it to carry Baby Shaw. This picture doesn't quite do it justice - the orange is gorgeous and the day of the dead skulls are even more colorful in person. The straps are so padded and comfortable - I can't wait to use it when we head out into the world with the baby.
We're hoping to get our pumpkins carved this afternoon to have them ready in time for the trick or treaters this weekend. We've been putting it off so we don't risk the hooligans taking off with them! I think we're going to go over the the Mathers to see all the boys in their costumes and hand out candy - no one really comes to our apartment building - and I must get pictures of them in their Astronaut costumes, they are going to be so cute!

It's a full moon this Friday, and history has proven that this is a big time to have babies. I'm going to do a fair bit of walking and hopefully eat some spicy food. Maybe we can get the pull of the moon to work with us and get this baby here a little early!

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Drea said...

cute! Ive heard of these.. never tried one tho.