Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween and Happy Induction Day!

I'm heading over the the Mathers to see the triplets and Coby decked out in their Halloween finary, eat some yummy food, drop off Nico to stay with them, and wait for Pete to pick me up for our drive to the hospital. I'll be starting my induction with Cervadil overnight, with a followup of Pitocin in the morning, and from there is could go anywhere! My doula will be heading over Thursday morning to lend her support, so tonite it will be just me and Pete some crappy hospital t.v, good magazines I picked up yesterday, and maybe a game of Scrabble or two. The next time you see an update here, it should be with pictures of the big event and the newest addition to our family. Wish us luck, we're probably going to need it! And we can't wait to share the exciting news with all of you.

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