Thursday, October 4, 2007

This is our new Blog

As you can see, I'm attempting to set up a site where all of our friends and family can come to read updates and see new pictures of what is going on in our lives since there is so much physical distance between us. This will be especially helpful when the little guy arrives, and will hopefully make it easier for everyone. I will still continue to send out emails when I update on the biggies directing you here so no one misses out. Otherwise, just check in regularly, and I'll try to add things as often as I can.

We're hoping to have a new camera by the end of the month to document the arrival of our newest addition. This will mean better pictures and hopefully short videos to share with everyone.

Johnny B. is mailing us pictures of the shower from last weekend, so look for new pictures soon!


Kenny said...

I would like to say how sweet you to are, and how much I have enjoyed being your friend. I would only hope I will one day and I mean one long day from now be having a family like you two will have. I am proud to call you friends.

Johnny B said...

We're all awaiting the arrival of Baby Shaw with great excitement. Pete is my first nephew. He and all the nieces and nephew that followed have been a joy in my life and they've kept me younger too. I'm looking forward to all the years of fun we'll have with the next generation of family coming soon.

You can count on me to do my part as an uncle! I'm older now, but more experienced.