Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Day Today

This morning we headed out to Babygarten at the library, where the Azalea Queen came to participate, bringing along the channel 13 news. After a raucous morning of watching Head Start kids sing and doing our usual nursery rhymes and read-a-long, we grabbed our babies and headed to the park since it was a beautiful day. Julian got to experience swings for the first time, and they were a big hit.

There is a tennis ball in the basket of the stroller, and Nico was determined to get it before we left this morning.

Ryan (above) and Cate (below) passed out after all the excitement of Babygarten.

Stella digs mulch.

And slides give her awesome hair.

(sorry this one is sideways - I have no idea how to get it to flip!)

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