Friday, April 4, 2008

A Few Cool Things

Tonite we had some really cool firsts. The big one being that Uncle Kenny came over at 7:30 to watch Jules while Pete and I went out on our first date alone post baby. Kenny is really good with Jules and we knew he would be in good hands. Before we left Jules was hanging out with him in the living room while Pete and I were running around getting ready when Kenny said that Jules was doing the coolest thing he'd ever seen. We came rushing out to the living room to see Jules deliberately playing peek-a-boo with Kenny, his first real game.

Since he was born we have used the cloth diapers as loveys, burp rags, blankets, and things to play peek-a-boo with or hide under. I didn't think he was really getting it until tonite. The video doesn't do him justice, we were so shocked that it was happening that I didn't think to get the camera until he had already done it nearly 15 times. He would bring the cloth up over his face, and jerk it down again really fast - and Kenny would say Boo, he did this over and over and over again. Coolest thing ever.

When we got home he was sound asleep, and perfectly content to have gotten a bottle I had pumped before we left from Kenny. We never even called to check on him, I knew they were going to be just fine. It was heavenly to sit out and eat a nice dinner and talk just the two of us. We can't wait to do it again, and feel so lucky that we have someone who we trust so much to take care of our little guy.

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