Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We have begun!

For the last two mornings Julian has had brown rice with breastmilk after his morning nurse. He immediately took to swallowing, and by the end of each meal was grabbing for the spoon and trying to attack my hand. A huge success. The goal for this weekend is to get some cubes of squash and yams roasted for him to gum on, and to process some broccoli and peas with spinach into cubes to keep in the freezer for easy defrosting. We are also going to try some avocado spears rolled in wheat germ and frozen mango in a mesh feeder. (Can you tell I hit up Trader Joes today!?!)

What is this junk?

Hmm, do I get more?

I'm not so sure about this.

I think I like it.

It was good.

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