Thursday, April 24, 2008

Julians First Trip to the Beach (Since He Left the Womb)

(especially cute if you click on it to make big)

Today after Papa got off of work, we decided to head down to the beach since it was such a beautiful day. There were tons of surfers, people soaking up the rays, and even a few swimmers even though the water was frigid! We lathered our boy in sunscreen, put on his hat and sunglasses and headed out. He freaking loved every minute of it, and was hardly able to keep his eyes off of the waves. I kind of wonder it he remembers all the noise of the ocean from last summer, since he spent quite a huge chunk of his time in utereo at the beach. Best of all he got to show of his new stomping/walking skills - something he can't stop doing once he starts!


sarah said...

Soooo cute! And the sling looks great - it's the perfect colors for the beach, isn't it! :)

Jen Gloc said...

I love it! He is just adorable.