Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Checking in for a Check-Up

Wow it's hot out! We've been at nearly 100 degrees for the last week, and it's really out a damper on our outdoor activities.  Usually we walk all over the neighborhood while Papa is at work, but lately it's just not been worth the sweat-fest to head out before 7PM.  I'm hoping this heat wave breaks soon, and we're definitely going to need to head to the beach again this weekend to cool off.  

Today was Julians 6 month check up, a little late, but our new doctors office is a very busy one so it was hard to get squeezed in for an appointment.  At 7 and 1/4 months Julian weighed in at 22lb 10 oz  and 28 1/2 inches - up 6 oz from his visit last month.  This kid shows no signs of giving up on this whole growing thing.  

Dr.  Meredith is awesome, and spent a ton of time with us going over all of his developmental milestones, foods he can eat, starting a sippy cup, his super sensitive rashy skin, etc.  Then he got two shots, which is definitely not his favorite part, but the new nurse was so lightening fast it was over in a flash.  We're slowing down his vaccinations, using the Dr. Sears delayed schedule, so instead of going in every 3 months and getting 3 or 4 shots, we're going to go in once a month for 2.  That way we limit the mercury, aluminum and other toxins going into his body at one time.  Luckily these new doctors are all very pro-breastfeeding so I was able to nurse right after to comfort him.

He's definitely a little ahead of the curve with all of the crawling and pulling up he is doing now, and I'm sure he'll be walking before a year at this rate, but he's not doing much babbling.  She said that was normal, usually that kicks in about 9 months, but I think he's so focused on all the physical stuff he just doesn't have time to sit and talk! He just mostly laughs and shrieks at this point, but he gets quite the kick out of it.

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Mandie said...

Sounds like he is doing well! :)