Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Firsts!

At just over 7 months old, Jules is officially busting out his first tooth.  Lower left, front and center, to be exact.  It started out with just a little corner poking through, but today about half of it is visible moving its way up.  I almost missed it completely,  as he hasn't been extra fussy or rashy, or anything like that.  In fact he's been in excellent spirits lately.

Another first, that happened today, is more pulling up!  I brought out a basket of toys from the shelving unit in the living room, and before I knew it he was pulling himself up to kneeling next to it!  I couldn't believe it, I really thought that the pulling up in the crib the other day was just a fluke, but oh how wrong I was. 

And today he's discovered that he can get to much more of the living room.  The romance novel shelf was a big hit, as was the shelf with my cooking magazine organizers (you can see he tried to climb into that one!)  He's not yet figured out how to follow me down the hallway, but I'm sure by the end of next week that will be old hat.

He also love to "dance".  Anytime he hears music, or if I start to sing a song, he will start to sway back and forth.  He could be on his belly, sitting, or standing, and he still gets swaying like crazy.  This is especially popular at Babygarten, where he insists on standing to dance for the majority of the program.  Here you can see him rocking out to The Strokes while waiting for dinner in the kitchen.

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