Sunday, June 29, 2008


My boys are sick and it really stinks.  Pete has a terrible cough that wracks his body day and night, and poor little Jules has been crying for two days now - coughing, sneezing, high fever, snot, unable to breath, unable to sleep, unable to eat because he can't breath.  Basically he is miserable, and it is so hard not to be able to do anything to help him feel better.  I keep hoping for him to start getting better rather than worse, but we haven't hit that point in the illness yet.  He mostly sleeps on me during the day so I can prop him up to breath well, and all night long he thrashes and cries with us.  We're attacking him with a cold mist humidifier, baby vicks, saline and a snot sucker (which he hates) to help him breath so he can at least nurse, and tylenol for the fever because he is so damn hot.  

Here they are late at night, Jules refused to sleep - he only wanted to be with me or his Papa:

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