Friday, June 20, 2008

Self Feeding

We're starting to offer some foods that Jules can feed himself.  Today it was peach sections and banana rolled in wheat germ to keep them from getting too slippery.  His pincher grasp is not very developed so when he dropped them he needed help getting them back in his hands, but taking bites were no challenge at all!

He also has a new skill: if you say "Kisses" to him, he'll reach out with both hands, take your face, and plant a wet one, or 5, on you with a big slobbery open mouth!  It is absolutely the cutest thing ever.  We've been saying "Kisses" to him since he was tiny when we go in to kiss him, and it just clicked recently that he could give them back.  I can't help but encourage it all the time!


Adenia said...

Our twins referred to those as Moy-zas and even at ten still call kisses their special name. Lovely!

Mandie said...

Getting so big!!

And self-feeding is the way to go. So much easier! :)