Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday Family Outing

This weekend we decided to have some quality family time, so we took a day trip up to Yorktown.  We walked through and checked out their Farmers Market and strolled along their Riverwalk.  It was beautiful!  They have some lovely small beaches, and people were out kayaking in the rivers, and exploring towns shops.  After being beaten down by the 90 degree weather we headed up to Williamsburg to grab some lunch and cool off.    

We've developed a bit of tradition up there.  For my birthday last year, about a month before i was due with Jules, we took a weekend trip up there for a short little babymoon.  While there we discovered a great little place for brunch - the Blue Talon.  The food is amazingly to die for, and decently priced for a higher end experience.  Then when Jules was two weeks old we traveled up their again for brunch to celebrate as a new family.  It wasn't quite as peaceful that time, we each took turns walking the baby around while the other ate because he decided after two weeks of being a peaceful, easy baby everywhere we went that he wanted to fuss and cry right as our food was delivered.  Luckily this weekend was a different story.  Now when we go out, he can sit up in a highchair with us and play and be entertained.  He also gets to eat alot!  Lunch was a lot of fun.  He had a great time bopping around to the piped in music, chewing on the granite table, and looking at himself in the mirror behind the table.  He also sampled some tomatoes, baked three cheese mac-n-cheese, mozzarella sandwich, roasted red peppers, and coleslaw.

We then checked out the Baskin Robins on our way out of Williamsburg.  I haven't seen a 31 Flavors since the old one back home closed down many years ago.   There's nothing like some mint-chocolate chip in a waffle cone.  And I have to admit, I let him taste some of the cone - a big hit!

He's become very mama-centric lately.  He loves to snuggle and be held more than ever.  As a tiny baby he preferred to be put down to sleep on his own, never wanting to sleep on our chests or be rocked to sleep.  Our little guy is very independent most days, and would rather do things himself or on his own with little interference from us, but lately he has taken to crawling over to me to climb up for a snuggle, or to let me know he'd like to nurse.  He will often rest his head on my shoulder when he is tired or overwhelmed, and it melts my heart every time.  I know this is his way of checking in, of making sure I am still there before he heads out again to explore the big exciting world, and I am happy to be that solid check point in his days. 


Jen Gloc said...

I'm so in love with your family, I'm addicted to your blog :)

The Shaw Family said...

Aww thanks, that is so sweet:)