Friday, July 11, 2008

World of Wonders

Today was an Owen only work day for me, and luckily Pete also had the day-time hours off.  We packed up the boys, a picnic, and all our wet gear and piled into the car.  Norfolk has a great botanical gardens nearby that just installed a children's area in the last year or so.  It's full of water features and other fun things for kids to explore and play in.  The highlight is a huge circle in the center made from foam in the shape and colors of the earth that is covered with sprinklers, geysers, misters, and other water features for kids to play in.  

Jules and Owen had a blast splashing around for a few hours, they are kindred spirits in their love of water.  Then they proceeded to crash out on the way back to the car.  Pete and I were pretty tired too!

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