Sunday, July 6, 2008


So, Jules is seriously active now, and we've found that he will often leave the confines of the room he is in to search out anything and everything he's not supposed to have to play with.  I finally gave in and took my first trip ever, yes EVER in my life, to Toys R Us.  That place is wild and crazy, and even though the plastic hater in me tried to win out, I still ended up bringing some home.  I'm not as worried now that he is more interested in throwing things across the room to chase them and trying figure out how things work, rather than just eating it.  All of his hand held baby toys just aren't cutting it anymore, rattles and keys only give him a few minutes of entertainment here and there.  He needs things he can interact with and push around.   There are things he still loves like his mini piano, his wooden block stacker, and his bead maze, but we definitely needed more variety.

Here is what came home with me:
- Push/Ride toy (seen below).  Wheels and things that spin are one of his favorite things right now - and this has both!
 - A mini basketball hoop that cheers when he, who am I kidding - when Pete, makes a basket.
- Textured balls to roll across the floor and chase.  
- A shape sorter - old school Fisher Price style.
- And some wooden magnetic blocks that you can build into a train by Brio.  

I came home, and with the help of Pete unpacked and put it all together - he was in toy heaven!  So far the faved item is the push toy - he scoots around on his belly pushing it in front of him, and pulls up on it to scootch forward on his knees.  Then there are the wheels, tastiest things ever!  Coming in second are the texture balls - he's figured out how to throw things out in front of himself recently, so he'll spend tons of time throwing them out in front of him, crawling to get them, and then throwing them out in front of him again - until he's traveled the entire length of the room.

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Cora Jane said...

Jules, that car toy is the best! It's been my favorite for months!