Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exhibits A, B, and C

There is a reason why you should never spend too much money on a crib.  

Exhibit A, The first victim. Located nearest the changing table and facing the door to his room.  I often find him here chewing, crying, or just waiting for me to come and get him after a nap.

Exhibit B, The second victim.  Located nearest the window, and only attacked after Exhibit A was decimated. I don't often catch him in action at this location.

Exhibit C, victim from the start.  Located along the front rail.  Less chewing, lots of biting.

Luckily when we transform the crib into a toddler bed, the head boards break in half so the damage will be banished to the garbage.  Good thing we already planned on buying a new crib for hypothetical baby #2!

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gerkat said...

Hi Jules and Mama! Ravi says hi.