Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Posting from My New Netbook

I was shocked when Pete carried in two boxes from Amazon yesterday afternoon because I had been tracking the items I ordered last week and nothing was supposed to arrive until at least Thursday.  The first box contained Julian's new tea set.   The one thing I had overlooked getting for his kitchen set up was cups!  This killed two birds with one stone - 2 cups for drinking PLUS endless fun having tea parties with teeny tea bags and itty bitty sugar cubes.  I love everything that Plan Toys make, the quality of the wood toys is excellent, and everything we have purchased has stood the test of time with a 2 year old boy. He loved it immediately and proceeded to make tea for Papa all evening long.

The second box contained my new Toshiba Netbook!  This was Pete's Christmas present to me/us.  There were lots of good reasons to make some changes to our office set up but now that I am going to try my hand at writing articles for a local online news rag, as well as documenting several big projects here at home and with my friend Amelia, I needed something more portable.  Now I will be able to head to the coffee shop or the farmers market, for some free wi-fi while I work!  We still have to get the wireless network up and running here at home, but for now a super long cable cord split off from the TV allows me to work in both the living room and the play room.

So far I'm just playing around with it a bit, getting used to the small size (only 10 inches!), refining the blog, setting up Twitter, and working on getting all of my bookmarks moved over.  I need to get the extra memory I ordered installed as well and I want to use some instructions I found on life hacker to relegate a few USB memory sticks to hold photos and key applications I'll need on the go.  Hopefully I'll be able to get back to updating with pictures soon!

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