Thursday, May 1, 2008

Letter to My Six Month Old

Jules - 

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Dear boy, oh my how you have grown and changed in this last month.  It's amazing how different you are just from month to month.  Every day more of your personality shines through, we get to know you better, and I see more little boy than infant in you. I call you my "wild man" because you are so full of energy and excitement.  You don't like to sit still for very long, and would much rather be moving, rolling, walking, and talking and I love it.  I know we're in for an adventure! 

It's been a busy month leading up to this point.  You're officially eating solid foods at least once a day, sometimes twice.  After a good morning nurse we get up and start our day with a little bowl of something.  So far I have made all of your baby food and we've tried: bananas, avocados, pears, prunes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, toast, whole green beans to chew, and teething biscuits.  Not one thing has been denied by you, you'll eat anything!

A big development is in your ability to maneuver yourself around - now you roll back and forth or over and over to get to what you want, and you have also started working on your pivoting skills.  This means the toys that you want can be had!  Sitting is getting better and better all the time.  We can't just leave you buy yourself, but with the boppy you're able to sit and play for minutes at a time.  You've also begun shrieking in the loudest way.  It seems you have found your voice and are determined to test its limits - in the car, in your crib, as you play, when you eat.  You also love to stand and stomp your feet, there is even a hint of walking in your step. 

We took you to the beach, for the first time since you were in my belly, last week and it was a huge hit.  You were riveted by the sound of the ocean and watching the waves, and it makes me wonder if you remember the rushing noise from all the time we spent swimming together last summer.  You had a blast stamping your feet in the wet sand and feeling the cold water rush over your feet.  It was one of those moments that your Papa and I have talked about sharing with you.  It is such a favorite thing of ours, and we can't wait to spend the summer there as a family.  Hopefully you will come to love it as much as we do.

At the end of March we headed up to the Ikea in DC to pick out some more child friendly furniture.  Gone are the death trap shelves and in with more storage!  Now we have baskets  and shelves at toddler levels that are safe for you to get your toys from and to play in, and we have a new bookcase to hold all of our pictures and books that were overwhelming the living room.  We also put a shelf with a cabinet in your room to create safer storage there as well. Then we rearranged the furniture in the living room to optimize floor space.  Now we can pull out blankets and toys and leave you to play.  This has also been a great change now that our Moms Group meets here every few weeks - babies big and small can roam about without hurting themselves or our stuff.

Every day Papa takes special time to be with you.  Lately it's been feeding you breakfast in the morning and getting you ready for the day - even though sometimes this means you end up wearing two onesies, a hoodie, jeans and socks on a warm weather day!  But the best is that you go for a big walk with him and Nico every day before or after his work.  You watch while he throws the ball for Nico, and you enjoy some good outside time in the neighborhood.  It's his time to be one on one with you, and by the way you're face lights up when he gets home and you are so happy when you return from your outings.

More and more you and Nico notice each other.  He loves to come and play with one of his toys next to you while you're in the exersaucer, and you guys just stare back and forth for minutes on end.  You are fascinated with each other!  And now when you sit in our laps or lay in bed with us Nico comes to be by you and bring you his toys.  You're always stretching out to grab his booty or his face, and he's always willing to let you pat at him.  

Things we call you:
Mr. Magoo
Little Friggin Guy
Punkin Poo
Wild Man
Short Stuff

I love the open mouth kisses you manage to slobber all over my face, and the way you look up at me while you nurse.  I love your new laugh out loud chuckles, especially when it's because I'm giving you kisses all over.  The bond we have formed over the last six months is a tight one, and I cherish every moment we spend together.   I try to step back every day and record a memory of this time with you in my mind, knowing that it will pass too quickly.  You are the light of my life, and I know that having you is one of the best things I will ever do.


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