Friday, May 23, 2008

Where Did My Tiny Baby Go?

Our cloth diapers arrived today, and I promptly washed and prepared them for use.  Once Papa came home, and Jules got up from his nap, we tried them on for size.  Overall I love them!  They are easy to use, and quite cute I must add - even if they give him a larger rump.  Our plan is to master daytime, then outings, then overnights.  I don't want to overwhelm us all at once!  Overnight will be more difficult, since we'll need to figure out how many layers it takes to last us until morning, but we'll get there.

Looking at these pictures of Jules I am newly amazed at how much he has changed in the last six months.  My tiny baby looks more and more like a big boy every day.  He is exploring, nearly crawling, and keeping my busier all the time.  His personality is huge, gregarious, boisterous, and I love it.  When he likes something you know, and when he doesn't you really know!  His world has gotten huge now that he can maneuver across the living room.  He is discovering what chairs taste like, how to pull on the cable cord, licking carpet, pulling on the ottoman - it's wild.  Looking back a month he couldn't even sit up alone for long, and now we can live him unattended to play on the floor with his toys.  

But the best new thing:  Toes. Lately he has been pulling on his feet, holding them up and checking out his shoes, but today he discovered that toes are indeed delicious.


Mandie said...

Love the diapers!! He has gotten so big!! Loooove the rolls! :)

Glad to see you made the switch to cloth. They are so wonderful! A great place that taught me every thing I know about diapers:


Mandie said...

We are like the same person! :) I love thebabywearer! That is where I learned about my beloved Ergo. Seriously, that thing rules. :)

Mandie said...

I am drooling over how many carriers you have!!! I really need more. I only have a ring sling, mei tai, and the ergo. I mostly use the Ergo though. Love it!

As far as diapers, I have a slight addiction. :) I use mostly pockets, but am slowly getting into prefolds and fitteds. My favorites are Diaper Change pocket diapers (a WAHM on diaperswappers and Blueberry diapers (

Diaper Change are a perfect fit and come in some great prints. Not to mention that they are pretty cheap!

Blueberry are just plain good quality! They are more pricey but I get the one-size minky diapers (the snap kind) and they have fit him since he was two months old!

Sorry to go off on that tangent. I just love sharing the diaper love!