Monday, May 19, 2008

Pink Eye Scare

(Recovering from the doctor visit)

When Papa arrived home from San Diego he was concerned that he may have gotten pink eye.  Since he is pretty germ-phobic, he was careful to constantly wash his hands and keep Jules away from his eyes.  Well, last night I noticed that Julian's left eye was looking pretty red, and he was rubbing that eye more often than just because he was tired.  I called our new pediatrician this morning and they got us in for a 10AM appointment.  

First, I must comment that I LOVE this new practice.  The Navy clinic did not have a nurses line or an after hours number you could call if your child became sick, your only option was to go to the Naval Hospital ER.  They never spent any quality time with us for our appointments, and he never saw the same person, so no one ever remembered him or where he was developmentally.  At the new practice they spent so much time with us, answered many questions, and gave us a ton of information about all of the issues we covered.  They also commented on his cuteness which is always a plus!

It turns out that he does not have pink eye, thank goodness, but he does have a small cornea scratch.  It is probably from his sharp finger nails (that grow so fast I can hardly keep up!).  He also has some eczema, probably brought on by the introduction of dairy to his diet.  The doctor said his eye will be fine, just to look out for more redness/swelling/crustiness, otherwise it will heal on its own.  She also gave us some special lotion to help get rid of the rash, and said to hold off on dairy for now and try again in a few months.  

But the highlight of the day was his weigh-in and measuring!  We can't get in until mid June for his 6 month well visit, so I was sure we wouldn't be able to find out until then, but we got to see his stats today.  He now weighs 22lbs 4oz and is 27inches long at 6 1/2 months old!  

He was a perfect angel for the entire doctors visit, and everyone remarked on how smiley and sweet his personality is.  He sure is the charmer!

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