Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Original "JT"

Tonight we took Julian to his first concert, James Taylor.  We got lawn seats so we could spread out with our blankets and snacks, and settled in for a good time.  At first he was a bit fussy because it was nearing bedtime, but as soon as the music started and the lights went up - he was riveted, bouncing up and down, and swaying the way he does when he hears music.  Halfway through he fell asleep in my arms, and then crashed on the blanket, only to wake near the end to watch some more.  

JT played a lot of our old favorites, and then many covers off of his new album.  Listening to JT has been a staple of so many of our vacations, road trips, summer days at the beach, and homes that it only seemed right that this be his first concert, and our first concert as a family.

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