Thursday, May 15, 2008

Visiting Philly

Since Pete was sent to an ATC symposium in San Diego this past week, Jules and I decided to hit the road and fill our time visiting  family.  It was great to get to show everyone all the new things he is doing, and how much fun he is these days.  

We got to visit Noni Toni, Pappy Craig, Auntie Lily, Uncle Jack, Aunt Melanie, Great Aunt Joan, Cousin Ali and of course Nico's favorite friend Henry who loved to give Julian kisses.  It was a nice long quality visit from Sat night until Wednesday morning, 

There was peek-a-boo to play, baths to be had, sleep to avoid, dogs to meet, and tons of attention for him to soak up!  He especially likes his Auntie Lily's room - she has so much cool stuff!  Shiny beads, soft squishy animals - it's a pretty exciting place.  And Uncle Jack was able to get some fun ball tossing in with him during floor time.  

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