Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost One

Every week of this past month Julian has been making huge strides towards toddlerhood. He started pointing a few days ago, and now that takes up a majority of his day. He wants to know what everything is, and he tries so hard to mimic it back to us. He has so many words: baby, zebra, mama, papa, puppy, ball, book, diaper, kisses, bath. Not every word sounds correct, but we know what he is saying and that is way cool. He wakes up every morning chanting "papa papa papa papa" over and over again, crawling all over Pete's head and kissing him a million times. Mama is saved for when he is a sad, whiny, or clingy and wanting to be held or nursed. He asks for "Nana's" now, his own word for nursing, and it's great to be able to communicate like that with him.

We have bits of free standing here and there, mostly when he doesn't realize I've put him down and let go. Otherwise he hits the deck as quick as he can to get moving, leaving little time to practice standing on his own. He's really fast, and now that belly crawling is far behind him I find myself really having to race after him if I want to catch him before disaster strikes. He cruises along the couch, the walls, the bed, etc - but not yet from place to place.

Here are some videos from the last week or so:

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