Monday, October 13, 2008

Living Room Redo

It's been quiet around here since I last posted.  Not much new to report in the world of Jules, just taking care of life stuff.  We've been working on making some changes around the apartment that have been a long time coming.  One was getting rid of our old, dog covered couch, and the other was getting a bigger rug for the living room so that Jules would have more room to play with more sound protection for our downstairs neighbors.  I managed to get the old couch and rug removed in one big swoop by posting it on Freecycle and giving it to a family who could really use it.  We found a new, smaller, couch we love at a local furniture store that could deliver it right away.  It is a yummy chocolate color that goes well with all of our existing living room decor.

The rug is from Overstock, my new favorite online shopping stop.  It only cost us $2.95 to have nearly 100lbs of rug and rug pad shipped!  Amazing.  It ties in well with all of the teal and red we have going on in the living room, as well as browns to match the couch.  Its 3 feet longer and a foot wider than our old rug, and with the rug pad underneath the sounds of dropped toys are much more muffled.  

We also picked up some new lamps at Target.  The old ones were too dangerous to have in such close proximity to grabby hands.  These are smaller, light weight, and less likely to be destroyed if they get knocked of the end tables. 

And yes those are two TVs you spy in our living room.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Marriage saving during football season?  Yes!  Now Pete can watch as much football and SportsCenter as he likes, with the added option of Tiger Woods golf or Madden on the Playstation, while I watch movies or TV of my choice without being banished to the bedroom to do so.  It really is a life saver for football season.  There is only so much football I can take and since quiet time alone is in short supply with a baby this means we can spend time together doing things we both like.  

Nico is no longer allowed on the couch, something I am glad to be able to institute!  Pete has spoiled him rotten these last 4 years so he thought of the couch as his own personal throne.  We got him some new beds to help ease into his new role as dog in the house, but he still looks longingly at us when we're sitting on the couch. Other than that it seems to be going well, though he will be gated in the back half of the apartment when we aren't here to prevent lapses in his judgement.  


Nicky said...

lookin good

Kirstine said...

"Ummm, that was the EXACT rug I was going ot order when we moved into this place. It's Chuck's fault that we don't have that beautiful integument in our front room. Good taste!"